Peine para sacar piojos – Veridian Healthcare Finito Electronic Lice Comb

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  1. jCamden dice:

    Lice have become more prevalent everywhere! It seems like every school year the problem has grown worse and the lice are resistant to methods that have worked in the past to get rid of them. I agree that it’s getting to where the best solution to get rid of them is to use this comb. While the lice shampoos and treatments may or may not work. A lice comb is usually pretty effective!

    After using the comb, how would you recommend getting rid of nits? As this usually only gets the live ones?

    • Alfonso Carreón dice:

      Hi Camden and thanks for your comment. The present failure of commercial treatment has raised a new interest in the effects of some essential oils however they have to be scientifically tested to be earnestly recommended by pediatricians, dermatologists, and other health professionals.

      Regarding the nits, topic ivermectin has shown good results for nits however apparently it isn’t allowed as pediculicide in the USA yet. In that case, apart from using the lice comb some home remedies like andiroba oil could dissolve to some extent the chitin of the nits that allow them to attach to hair.

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