Peine Eléctrico Anti-piojos OctiveTech V6 (OT-V6)

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  1. Stefan dice:

    That’s great news. We have several dogs and cats and the work of getting the flees out of their fur is not exactly little.

    I want to try this electric device to help our babies sleep better. I’ll need to get rechargeable batteries though.

    You write it takes longer than with a regular comb, can this be improved once we get used to the new product?

    • Dr. Alfonso Carre�n dice:

      Hello Stephan,
      The review is aimed for human lice, but it can work for fleas given their similar size.
      Of course, the efficiency in the use of the electric comb will depend on the expertise of the user, although in general terms in the case of pediculosis it is recommended that it be used for two weeks to ensure the complete elimination of insects.

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