Remedio casero para los piojos: Anona o Saramuyo

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2 Respuestas

  1. Holly dice:

    Oh man, lice is so terrible to deal with. This looks like a great home remedy for lice. Have you had the “opportunity” (had to put that in quotes because it’s not really that great of an opportunity, lol!) to try out this remedy? Was it as effective as store bought chemicals? I do prefer to avoid chemicals when possible. Using chemicals meant to kill things on my body or my kids’ bodies makes me uneasy.

    • Dr. Alfonso Carre�n dice:

      Hello, Holly. You are right, the lice do not cause severe damage to health, but they are a very annoying and difficult to eradicate plague. I have not tested this fruit clinically yet. I have done some tests with lice in the laboratory, and it seems to work well, but as I said it is still in the experimental phase, but there is interest in testing both this and other natural resources, which serve as an alternative to patent medicines. Thank you very much for your comment.

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