Remedios caseros para matar piojos: Clavo

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  1. Jag Randa dice:

    Cloves are heavily used in my family. Especially for tooth aches. My sister had a toothache so bad, that the dentist inserted the clove into her cavity. The relief she received from this was much appreciated.

    Their healing properties are amazing, we also use them for tea. I’ve haven’t had lice problems with my kids, so haven’t had to use them for this purpose, but I’m pretty sure they would work for this as well.

    Another place I used them was for keeping flies away. Especially during summer time. Insert them into the lemon and they work well to keep the flies gone. 

    • Dr. Alfonso Carre�n dice:

      Yes, the clove is a genuinely versatile plant because it still keeps many beneficial health secrets as well as of course its widespread use in dental pain as you mention it.
      It is very interesting the effect that you share on the clove and the lemon on the flies. Surely many will test it next summer.

      Thank you very much for your comment

      Dr. Alfonso Carreon

  2. Jennifer David dice:


    Thank you for this informative, helpful, useful and much needed information.

    It is always good to learn about natural products that can be used by all the family.  I used to work in a children’s home and hair lice was a part of life there.  The amount of times we had to use chemical based products to get rid of head lice only for it to return a few months later.

    My point is that if we had this natural product it could be used regularly and then it would be less likely to return.

    Thank you for this article, I will be sharing this to build awareness.


    • Dr. Alfonso Carre�n dice:

      Hi Jennifer,

      I agree with you, the problem with several of the conventional medications is above all the resistance that they generated. They had excellent effects before and few adverse effects, also, many of them are too friendly with the environment. However, their extensive use accelerated the development of resistance in lice.

      I think we have a perfect time to develop a whole new repertoire of lice treatments that are friendly to people and do not induce new resistances.

      Thank you very much for disseminating this information.

      Dr. Alfonso Carreon

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