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  1. Shellykh dice:

    Thank you for this informative post. My family runs a daycare with 12 children and hair lice is an issue. Not saying that I would spray this on the kids, but at least spray it on my family so they don’t have the lice. Since this has aloe vera and mint extract, would this benefit for someone who has asthma? I read somewhere else that mint and aloe vera gels are natural remedies for someone who has asthma.

    • Dr. Alfonso Carreon dice:

      Although mint and aloe vera are natural remedies, they are composed of chemical molecules as any other commercial treatment.
      So susceptibility to any of the components of this formula depends on the specific sensibility of each person. They could be safer than any other substance; however for people who, but there is always a minimal risk to induce an allergic reaction.

  2. Yormith96 dice:

    Hi there, thanks for dropping your review about this two products. You done a great, and excellent job here, but let me am, much concerned about your conclusion which is “this product is not intended for the elimination of lice or nymphs that are already on the scalp, so it is not recommended to use it if you want to treat an already active infestation” so my question is this, for someone in this kind of situation, what can he do please? 

    • Dr. Alfonso Carreon dice:

      You’re right these products are not for an active infestation but just for use as repellents. In case of an active outbreak is recommended to use itchybitsi mousse and lice combs

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