¿Qué se usa en México para tratar Piojos en Niños?

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  1. Cathy Cavarzan dice:

    It is alarming to hear that there are still poor education and resources available to treat a very real problem that can be prevented. It should be the mission of the public and doctors to address some of these issues in places like Mexico and other poor countries.Thank you for bringing this very important matter to our attention.

    • Dr. Alfonso Carreon dice:

      Thanks, Cathy,

      You are right; there is a need for higher education of the population and of course an active role of health professionals as well as adequate treatment protocols led by governments. However, this is not only for developing countries but all over the world because pediculosis, such as obesity or cardiovascular diseases, for example, are disorders that have crossed geographical, economic, social and cultural borders.

      Best regards,

      Dr. Alfonso Carreon

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