Remedios caseros para eliminar los piojos

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  1. Renton dice:

    This is great! I always believe that home remedies made from natural products can be just as effective or more effective than the chemically produced alternatives. The power of nature should never be underestimated. I have never had lice but It is a real problem for many people around me.

    I think it is quite serious that the lice are becoming resistant to treatment. That means we will have to use stronger chemicals or find a better way of killing the lice. I think home remedies are great because you could effectively grow it in your yard like growing Chrysanthemum plants to ward of pests before they can get to your home.

    • Dr. Alfonso Carreon dice:

      It is worrisome that conventional treatments are gradually less effective in eliminating lice. At the same time, it is encouraging to know that there are so many plants with insecticidal properties which can be obtained easily in free in-home conditions.

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