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  1. mzakapon dice:

    LiceGuard Lice Repellent Spray may be a safe and effective way to stop your kid from obtaining lice throughout an endemic. a couple of sprays of our focused non-toxic resolution provides 24-hour protection from lice. It contains no pesticides and is formed with natural ingredients that leave behind a pleasing scent.Thanks for the excellent information for being protection for lice.

  2. Dany dice:

    Interesting and still actual subject. In many schools, this is still a problem, and it’s very hard to control and eradicate. When these small invaders are found in our homes, general cleaning is required. They are invisible but cause so much pain by itching. When my kids have it, I used the products commercialized in pharmacies, without good results. What did a good job is the tea tree essential oil. The lice were removed entirely.

    • Dr. Alfonso Carreon dice:

      Hi Dany,

      I agree with you the problem in schools around the world is increasing, that’s why it is everyone’s responsibility to contain it. The Nit Policy of the NPA of the United States is focused on this, although it must also be said that it has generated controversy.

      Regarding the tea tree oil that you mention, it is one of the valuable natural resources that are now being tested given the resistance generated by commercial insecticides.

      Best regards,

      Dr. Alfonso Carreon

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