Como quitar los piojos: Control y tratamiento.

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  1. mzakapon dice:

    To remove lice, Control and treatment is a very common topic, especially in rural area. This offer is genuine to treat with a prescribed solution. Since it is made with natural herbs and no side effect of using this as a shampoo it is very good to use it according to rules.

  2. Samson Oklobia dice:

    Hi. I’ve never had a lice infestation before but i’ve recently dealt with one with my niece who got it from school. I understand and agree with you that there is no permanent treatment of lice infestation as this was her third time getting infested. Communication is vital in dealing with lice infestation especially to avoid continuous spread of it. with regards how to treat it, hers was done with a prescribed shampoo but this information you just gave will be saved fro subsequent events, i pray it doesn’t happen again though, thank you so much for the information.

    • Dr. Alfonso Carre�n dice:

      Hi Samson, definitely no matter how effective one treatment may be, in the long term it always results in a loss, whether of time or money. For that and other reasons, it is still better to prevent than to cure.

      Best regards,

      Dr. Alfonso Carreón

  3. Stephen dice:

    Hi Dr. Alfonso,

    You’re right in this article, I certainly agree with you, that  treatment of pediculosis should start with prevention through surveillance and communication  with members within the family, the school and even the community  protection before the spread of lice begin in the first place.

    As you said, lice can easily spread from one person to another. Especially among kids in the school. When a kid is contracted with lice and is not separated from other kids for protection, sooner, all other other kids with whom he or she plays with will also get contracted with the lice. And this is so in the family as well, since family members are very close to each other, spreading of these insect from one person to another will be so easy.

    So, I personally think taking precautions to prevent the spread of lice id very much effective than just killing the insects, since they can easily come back again. The use of comb is also very ideal, since there is no cost involved in this case, and as you rightly said, its one of the most effective way of removing lice from the hairs on your head.

    Thanks for this article, I know it will help a lot of people out there,


    • Dr. Alfonso Carre�n dice:

      Thanks Stephen,
      It is true, the war against lice is usually long, costly and fatiguing and it seems that in the end we always end up losing it, that’s why instead of fighting against them with treatments it is much better to avoid them through the prevention that as you say is a shared responsibility

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