Productos para piojos: Peine Eléctrico Antipiojos con Filtro de Captura Tbest

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  1. Cathy Cavarzan dice:

    Though lice and lice removal is not a special interest of mine. I did find this interesting in the fact that the comb and removal device was so durable and clean meaning they eradicate after a few days. That is cool How do you dispose of the combs in a safe way afterwards?

    • Dr. Alfonso Carre�n dice:

      Thanks, Cathy,

      You can clean the metal comb with just ethanol and wet wipes either if you are going to repeat the cleaning on the same person or a different one. If you make sure that there are no residues between the comb teeth you shouldn’t worry about them because they don’t resist such treatment for a long time.

      Regarding the filters, you can dispose them inside a closed bag to the general trash because most of the lice will be dead at the end of the treatment but if some of them are still alive hardly will survive inside the bag.


      Dr. Alfonso Carreon

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