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  1. Staci dice:

    Thankfully this is something that I’ve never had to deal with. But I know plenty of people that have. I remember being in high school and girls would have a head full of lice. Poor girls.

    I must admit that I was a believer in the myth that lice would jump because they are so contagious. I guess you are right about them not having wings and not having the capacity to jump.

    I might have missed it but did you explain exactly where lice come from. Like where does it come from in the first place? I would really like to know.

    • Dr. Alfonso Carre�n dice:

      Thanks, Staci, essentially lice come from other people and are transmitted either when someone uses some object of personal use such as combs or brushes, and they got some lice or nits on it, or when people touch each other’s head, for example, children hugging while playing on school. In summary, should be some physical touch to allow these insects to go from one person to other.

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